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Fat Back

Length 2439bce6ad052c933401861884131a6765104e627b570176d08f8d507ecbf4f2

Length: 6.0 inches

Hook 5228a8d168ffeaa3ef50333250cccd024038cab93d7d2e611b7ead18c4dc6c45

Hook: Treble - 1

Bill 9fc549866fe6a48022ddd23d1d8c846b90bef92bada833dee62385342ea9fcb7

Bill: Stainless Steel

Depth 70e721b3b94dbc1c0d8e8cf68bb1bf12c8f66ccb3c5b19480e1748ddedb59ef3

Max Depth: 14 feet

The front of the Fat Back moves side to side. This movement allows the back half of the lure to roll while also moving side to side. Most, if not all crank bait lures, are designed with the back in mind, allowing the rear more movement. The Fat Back takes a different approach - with the front having more movement, the rear will follow along.

It is best for muskie, bass, pike....

What's on the end of your rod? It better be a mean lure.



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